Newbury Racecourse

The Racecourse
RG14 7NZ 

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Unfortunately the Carboot has had to be cancelled due to construction work at Newbury Racecourse.

We are hoping to re-introduce a carboot sale within Newbury as soon as possible.

Please keep an eye on the website for updates.


Check homepage notice board for latest.

Buying & Selling


Admission from around 07:30- 08:00am

(On very hot busy days we may let sellers in earlier to avoid queing on the surrounding roads) 

Cars and Small Vans £8.00 (Trailers are FREE)

Transits Vans and above £10.00


Admission 8:00am - Onwards

Early Birds £2.00 between 08:00am - 08:30am

Admission £1.00 after 08:30am

Children under 15 get in free





First Aider


Fruit & Veg 

Ice cream van




Buyers and sellers often arrive earlier than the times stated below, this is beyond our control and we have never encouraged it. If you arrive before 08:00am please be patient and prepared to wait

BUYERS can queue early but will not be let in until sellers are ready to begin trading and staff are ready to let you in.

There is no exact start time for buying and selling this varies each week depending on the weather and how busy we are. 

Buyers will be let in as soon as possible but will never be admitted before 08:30


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