1. Question. Do you require any staff ?
  2. Answer. We are sometimes looking for Staff at our Carboots. Staff must be over 21 years of age and be local to the carboot.
Question. What time do you let sellers in?
Answer. As advertised but sometimes in the interest of safety of the surrounding roads we have to let Sellers in earlier than advertised.  Often Sellers arrive several hours earlier than we state on all advertising. We do not encourage this but cannot stop it either. 

  2. Question. What time do you let buyers in?
  3. Answer. As advertised, however at most of our carboot fairs we give the option to buyers to pay a premium before the advertised opening time. See carboot page of the carboot you wish to attend for details. 
Question. Do I need to book or reserve a pitch?
Answer. No, you can just turn up on the day of carboot 
Question. How much space am i allowed for my entry fee when selling ?
Answer. You are only allowed the length and depth of your vehicle or two pasting tables length. 
If you require extra space you can ask upon entry and you will be charged accordingly depending on what vehicle you have. 

  2. Question. I am a seller, Can i park where i want?
  3. Answer. No. To ensure a busy and safe carboot you must park where our staff ask you to. 

  1. Question. I am a buyer, do you have free parking?
Answer. Yes at all of our carboots we have FREE parking just follow the signs at the carboot. You cannot park on the roadside outside of the carboot grounds or where we have signs that state “No parking on roadside” We are not responsible for any damage however caused to your car and you park at your own risk.     

Question. What if i need to leave early?
Answer. We do not allow you to leave early due to the safety of other buyers and sellers. If you have a genuine reason to need to leave early then find a member of staff who will arrange an escort to move you and your car out. 

Question. Are tables provided ?
Answer. No, you will need to bring a paste table or a garden table with detachable legs or card tables.
Question. How do we know before hand if the fair is going ahead ?
Answer.  You can either check our website or call our telephone numbers from the website contact section

Question. Are dogs allowed?
Answer. Yes but they must be kept on a lead and kept under control at all times 

Question. What can’t i sell?
Answer. The selling of food, drink, livestock, tobacco, knives and armoury are strictly prohibited at all of our venues. 

Question. Can i sell DVD and CD’s?
  1. Answer. You can sell original CD’s and DVD’s but no counterfeit DVD’s or CD’s and other counterfeit items are not allowed. If you are found to be selling these items you will be asked to leave and reported to the appropriate authorities.